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    CaCO3 for paper industry

    Paper industry (lime Occupy rate from 10% to 20% in the composition of paper)
    – Used as a filler to reduce cost of production (instead of products such as clay, kaolin).
    – Create high whiteness.
    – Neutralize acid environment in the paper industry.
    – Fillers and coating quality: help whiter paper products, with opacity, gloss, good printing capability, competitive prices. |
    – Reduce the amount of wood, reducing costs while ensuring the durability of paper.
    – Papermaking machines operate faster high, fast-drying paper
    – Cost savings and energy costs

    * .Fillers in the paper:
    – Fillers in paper, printing paper, cardboard and paper packaging.
    – Paper with glossy surface, brightness, education, higher gloss.
    – Ability to print is enhanced.

    * .Chat Coating in the paper:
    – Increase the surface quality of paper, cardboard.
    – The process of coating the paper surface helps evenly, better printing process.


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