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    CACO3 for plastic industry

    a.Ceiling panels, plastic door frame:
    - Increased product reliability.
    - Helps increase dispersed plastic chemicals.
    - Optimized for the gloss.
    b.PVC pipes and fittings: 
    *. Pressure pipes and fittings: 
    - Create high hardness. 
    - Reduce the cost price.  
    - Shorten the time of manufacture.
    *. PVC pressure pipes
    - Release with less content.
    - Work pressure.
    - Product surface smooth.
    - Resistant to impact the surface.
    - Power cable
    - Sale off.
    - Flame retardants (right combination resins and additives).
    c. Bring:
    *. Plastic transpiration
    - Bring the advantages of hygiene issues.
    - Creation of a special nature, helping ease the transpiration through the pores.
    *. Wrap film extrusion
    - Reduced costs in production costs and improve quality upholstery.
    - Use of plastic LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP
    d. yarn:
    Particles used in polyolefin production because:
    - Increased stiffness
    - Reduction of PP shaped segments
    - Reduce the amount of titanium oxide and materials.
    e.Products molded
    - Increased stiffness durability, cost savings.
    - Use of the blow molding bottles products.
    - Use of injection molding.
    - Widely used in the production of spare parts, equipment, household products and the auto industry.

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